The ELX300/30M Modular UPS provides the most compact footprint of less than 2㎡ with maximum capacity of 900KVA with competitive price and high performance. It has been leading the domestic market in proven high reliability and most advanced technology for years. With its upgrade, the ELX300/30M is set to offer better protection for large data centers, as well as for sensitive electronics.
  • High power density with footprints of less than 2㎡ up to 900KVA in parallel, 30KVA power module with height of only 3U
  • Green and energy saving: AC/AC efficiency>95%, input power factor>0.99 while input THDi<3%
  • Full DSP control of high stability, reliability and safety
  • Integrated IGBT module with improved performance and reduced size
  • Programmable dry contacts, the function of each port can be defined by users

Download specification here