• Independent LCD for Each Power Module

Each power module has an independent LCD, gives users’ direct overview of status data and alarms in real time.

  • Friendly Interface

Provide graphical and text based information of alarms, status data, instructions that users can have more friendly and safer operation.

  • Isolated Air Flow

The dedicated and redundant hot-swappable power modules take the most unique structure design. In this design, the PCB boards and heat-sinkers are in two completely different layers, which allows the UPS run in dusty environments, significantly improving its stability and environmental adaptability.

Cooling air flows in the lower layer, keeping the upper PCB free of dust.

One air flow channel ensures fans redundancy, even one fan fails, power module can run normally

  • High Density, Modular, Scalable

High power density, footprint for 300kVA is 0.66m², power density 409kW/m², saving valuable data center space.

Scalable from 30kVA to 900kVA, max 30 power modules in parallel.

Inherently N+X redundant.

Hot swappable power module and bypass & monitoring module.

Additional charging module, extra charging current 50A×N for long time back up application.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring Management

In each power module, information of critical components is monitored and displayed in real time, giving customers a view of inner status of the system and providing reminder information for maintenance.

Maintenance reminder, running time of capacitors and fans displayed and recorded.

Comprehensive temperature monitoring for thermal abnormal detection.

Intelligent battery charger for long battery life.

  • Critical Waveform Recording

UPS can record and save the data of the main parameters automatically when faults happen for further analysis.

Can record data information and present as waveform for further analysis.

Can easily spot the causes of the failures, avoid future similar faults.

  • Smart Sleep

Smart Sleep function can intelligently make some power modules go to sleep when load is relatively low, improving the efficiency of the remaining power modules and saving customers on power and cooling costs.

Improving efficiency, reducing power and cooling costs Easy setting with just two steps. Customers can select sleep mode and rotation period.

Power modules working in rotation, prolong the life time.

  • Self-aging

Self-aging is an advanced function applied in all three phase UPS, self-aging function can test UPS under different load situation without real load, saving more than 90% of energy.

Simulate different load conditions without connecting to any real load, saving 90% of energy On site setting supported, easy for factory testing.


Download specification here